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Speed Stars is a high-speed racing game that takes players on a thrilling journey through various challenging tracks. In this game, you can choose from a variety of fast and stylish cars, each with its own unique attributes and handling characteristics. The objective is to race against opponents or the clock to complete laps as quickly as possible while avoiding obstacles and collecting power-ups to gain an advantage.

Key Features of Speed Stars:

1. Diverse Cars: Unlock and choose from a wide range of cars, including sports cars, supercars, and even futuristic vehicles. Each car offers a different level of speed, acceleration, and handling.

2. Multiple Tracks: Race on a variety of tracks set in different environments, from city streets and deserts to snowy mountains and tropical islands. Each track offers a unique set of challenges and obstacles.

3. Power-Ups: Collect power-ups scattered throughout the tracks to gain temporary advantages, such as speed boosts, shield protection, and nitro boosts.

4. Multiplayer Mode: Compete against friends or players from around the world in online multiplayer mode. Test your skills and see who is the fastest racer.

5. Career Mode: Embark on a career mode where you can progress through a series of races, earning rewards, and unlocking new cars and tracks as you go.

6. Customization: Customize your cars with various paint jobs, decals, and performance upgrades to make them stand out and perform better on the track.

7. Realistic Physics: Experience realistic physics and handling dynamics, making it crucial to master the controls to navigate tight corners and maintain top speed.

8. Leaderboards and Achievements: Compete for the top spot on global leaderboards and complete achievements to earn in-game rewards and bragging rights.

9. Virtual Reality (VR) Support: For an immersive racing experience, Speed Stars can be played in virtual reality, providing a more lifelike and adrenaline-pumping gameplay.

10. Regular Updates: The game developers continually release updates with new cars, tracks, and features to keep players engaged and entertained.

Speed Stars PC Game Download

Name Speed Stars
Initial Release Date
16 Dec, 2020
Android, Microsoft Windows
Developer Luke Doukakis
Luke Doukakis, Miniclip
Mode Single-player video game
Casual game, Indie game, Racing, Sports
Category PC Games >Racing

How to play the game

Speed Stars can be played from a 3rd-person perspective; the game represents the tracks of professional racers. Before the game starts, you need to create your profile by giving a name to your character and setting up the physique of the character, like arms, face, headwear, and body.

When you click on the “Start” button the game begins in a few seconds. On the bottom of the screen, you can get the total time remaining and the distance for the game. Mute or unmute the sound system or you can replay the race from the top of the screen. You need to run fast on the tracks with rhythm with the help of the functional keys. Be faster so you can beat others.

Features of the game

You can get many interesting features in Speed Stars, which makes the game more interesting and enjoyable. You can know more about the unique characteristics of this video game from the pointers mentioned below:

  • Customize the character

It’s your choice how you want your character to appear on the tracking stock. You will be able to change the dresses, the look, skin tone, shoes, and the entire appearance of the character for racing.

  • Strengths and weaknesses

Each character in the game has different strengths and weaknesses. If you want to master the game, you need to boost the strengths as well as get rid of the weaknesses of the character to perform best during the race.

  • 3D graphics

This game features 3D graphical representations. The tracks and the characters will look very prominent, even the background of the racing ground looks real.

  • Advanced AI

The game features AI-generated racers or competitors for the race. With advanced AI, you will get a realistic vibe because of the potential competitors, the audiences, and their reactions when you race.

  • Different races

Speed Stars features multiple distances for the players. You can choose the distance you want for racing. There are options for 60-meter, 100-metre, 200-metre, and 400-metre distances for racing.

  • Benchmarks

From noob to superstar, the journey may not be easy, but based on your performance, you need to achieve these benchmarks one by one. Take your name among the best players on the lead board with the highest rank.

How To Download Speed Stars PC Instructions

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Speed Stars – Minimum System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core I3
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600
  • Storage: 1 GB available space


Where can I download the game?

You can download the game from Steam or the official website.

Can I play against others?

You can play against other AI-generated racers, but not online.

Do I need to purchase the game?

Yes, you have to purchase the game.

Can I save content from this video game?

You can save the pictures while you are playing.

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